Working at Heights Courses: Why It’s a Must to Enrol?

Working at Heights Courses: Why It’s a Must to Enrol?

No matter what industry, be it healthcare, construction, mining, or even banking, every job is riddled with occupational hazards. Whether you work in the office or on a construction site, you face different sets of risks every day. While doing your desk job, your eyes take much of the toll from staring at your computers all day. Much like working at heights, however, the risks are exceedingly magnified. Accidents and injuries from falls or slips can be fatal.

Undoubtedly, working at heights is a high-risk profession. You can be involved in an accident, especially without proper training, safety gears, and access equipment. With all the risks involved in this profession, everyone who wishes to work at heights should complete a mandatory working at heights course.

The Numbers

Among the leading cause of death in most workplaces in the country is associated with working at heights. This is evidently presented by the statistics from SafeWork Australia. For over a decade, nearly 400 workers were killed from working at height. The construction industry tallied at the most with 37% of fall-related fatalities.

The greatest numbers of fatalities involved falling from roofs, ladders, and vehicles. All of these could have been avoided with the right training courses and equipment.

Proper training builds a proactive mindset.

Once you undergo proper training, it gives you a whole new level of understanding about the job you’re in for. It helps you learn different techniques as well as keeps you informed of all the things necessary to complete a job safely and efficiently.

Learning the course hones your awareness.

Whenever you try and develop a skill, it takes practice. You won’t be an expert in a snap. That is where courses, such as a working at heights course, can help you. After the course, you will be quick to identify different occupational hazards—be it the incorrect installation of fall prevention systems or the lack thereof.


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Keeping up with the job market.

The country is experiencing a significant increase in demand particularly in the construction industry. And if you want to secure a job well into the future, finishing working at heights courses will certainly help you land interesting jobs. Most employers select candidates that are prepared with all the requirements. So, if you’re planning to quit your office job to enter the trade industry, you better start by enrolling in different courses that help you learn and hone your skills in construction.  

Preparing for the future.

Have you always been interested to work at a construction site? There is no better way to get prepared than by gaining safety skills. When you have a certificate, it is always an advantage for you since it will boost your confidence when the time comes for you to finally work at heights.  

More importantly, a working at heights course will also expose and train you to deal with situations related to the construction industry. So, there will be a lot of situations where you can apply the skill and knowledge that you’ve learned from the course you’ve completed.   

Understanding in-depth safety guidelines.

Since modern technologies and innovative systems continue to change by the minute, it is essential to be updated with the latest safety guidelines. That’s why it’s best to enrol in a refresher course from time to time. By doing so, you will be in the loop of the current occupational safety regulations.  

More than staying current, you will also learn new techniques on safety and disaster management. You will be quick to find the best solution that ensures everyone’s safety by identifying and assessing technical and safety information to developing tangible and proactive systems in the workplace.  

Reducing accidents in the workplace.

It’s always better to learn and acquire relevant information through proper training than on the ground. With the pool of resources and information accessible by enrolling in a course, you can significantly lessen the cause of accidents, and in turn, save lives. Whether you’re an individual wanting to start a career by working at heights or a company with a crew relying on your judgment call, you must always consider the benefits of the course. Among the many benefits is the reduction of accidents that will help you optimise and streamline your systems for the better.  

Be Adept with the Latest Safety Guidelines

Safety is a priority for everyone working on site. While preventing accidents 100% is quite impossible to guarantee, proper risk reduction and management solutions can definitely save lives. As a responsible employer or employee, you can be proactive by following the guidelines set by SafeWork Australia, as follows:  

  • Ensuring all work carried out with a high risk of falling is performed on a suitable working platform;
  • Providing adequate edge protection like guardrails and scaffolding;
  • Inspecting every equipment, be it scaffolds or other safety gears before handing over a certificate;
  • Checking whether all open penetrations are securely covered by physical barriers;
  • Conducting test emergency procedure to ensure that every fall arrest or prevention systems are working accordingly;
  • Equipping everyone with relevant gears, information, training, and instruction to safely work at heights.

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