Australian Training Institute is committed to protecting your privacy and safeguarding your information. The following Privacy Statement outlines our privacy policies and principles in alignment with National Privacy Principles, which is a reference implementation of the Telecommunication Act 1977 and Privacy Act 1998.

In summary:

  • Maintaining your privacy is important to us and we take strong measures towards its assurance
  • We do not collect sensitive personal information such as passport number etc
  • Information you provide to us voluntarily are safeguarded
  • We use Google analytics to identify web site visitor trends
  • We only use your provided information for notification, news and to provide support for our products and services
  • We do not disclose your information to third parties.
  • If we are obliged to disclose information by law, we may do so, however we will make every effort to notify/contact you before our legal obligation(s) are due unless otherwise prohibited by law

Manner of Collection, Use and Disclosure

We can only identify you if you provide your information to us voluntarily. Submitting information via our web forms may provide information such as your name and contact details. However, we do not attempt to collect sensitive information and we recommend that you do not provide sensitive information such as passport number or Medicare number. We also use Google Analytics to collect information such as Service Provider, Screen Resolutions, Keywords and other more general information to identify visitor patterns. We also use web based live chat, which require your IP address to establish communication.

Your contact details are used to deliver requested information, product news and provide products or services related assistance and information. We use Google Analytics information to identify improvements that could benefit our web visitors and improve usability and performance of our website.

We also collect publicly available information for marketing campaigns. This information is generally business contacts and is used to convey our product information or promotion packs.

We do not voluntarily disclose or provide your information to anyone except under the following circumstances:

  • You have instructed us to provide your information to a nominated recipient – you will be required to verify this information before we proceed.
  • We are required by Australian or Australian State Law to do so – for e.g. Subpoena issued by a Court in Australia. When subpoena is issued to us and/or otherwise prohibited by law, we will notify you and provide you an opportunity to pursue the matter with the issuer before our legal obligations are due.

If you do not wish to receive communications from us please notify us via our Contact page.

Security and Quality

Security within our organisation is paramount, especially in consideration of your private information. Access to your information is restricted at all times and only made accessible to authorised staffs. We conduct periodic checks and audits on access to this information. We undertake practical and pragmatic efforts to ensure your data is maintained – these include periodic verification and validation as well as audits. You can also request us to update your information and upon receipt of these requests we promptly perform the necessary changes to ensure the quality of your records is maintained