How do you Perform CPR Properly?

How To Perform CPR Properly

In CPR training, you learn essential life-saving techniques. Once you have completed CPR training, you can perform CPR swiftly and effectively. This could be the difference between life and death for a casualty.

When is CPR required?

Anyone, regardless of age, needs CPR if they:
– Collapse
– Don’t respond
– Are not breathing
– Don’t have a pulse

CPR Can Save Lives

People can experience Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) at any time or location, and SCA victims need to receive care immediately. The chance of survival after an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest can be doubled or tripled if CPR is started immediately. Unfortunately, outside of a hospital, more than half of all cardiac arrest victims don’t receive immediate assistance.

CPR Helps Prevent Brain Death

During cardiac arrest, the heart stops pumping blood to the brain and other vital organs. The victim becomes unconscious as the blood supply to the brain declines. Damage to the brain can occur in as little as three minutes without sufficient blood flow. In nine minutes, there may be irreparable harm without blood supply to the brain. This is where CPR comes in – it keeps the blood flowing and may lessen the victim’s chances of long-lasting injuries.

Faster Recovery for the Victims

A person who experiences sudden cardiac arrest and receives prompt CPR has a better chance of surviving and recovering. If CPR is performed properly and effectively, the subject may occasionally regain consciousness with little adverse effects.

CPR Techniques

Ensuring the safety of both you and the casualty, calling emergency services, and assessing whether the person requires CPR are key early steps in the CPR process.

The ratio for compressions to rescue breaths is 30:2 – with approximately 100-120 compressions being made on a casualty every minute. You will learn the specific technique required for these compression and rescue breaths in your CPR training.

An automated external defibrillator (AED) is of great importance during the CPR process. You will learn how to use an AED during your CPR course.

Enrol in Our CPR Course

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