9 Skills and Qualities You Will Develop by Enrolling in a Security Course

Enrolling in a Security Course Brisbane

It’s easy to think that just because technological advancements in surveillance and security equipment are constantly being made, in-person security is no longer needed. But from stores and restaurants to sports events and concerts, there is a need to rely on dedicated security personnel to help prevent activities that would endanger people. That is why there is a demand for security officers across various establishments.

Working for the security sector is also a great career path and can lead to a high salary and benefits package. If you are someone looking to work in this sector, you can launch your career by enrolling in a security course.

In this post, we’ll list the skills and qualities you can gain from enrolling in security training courses.

1. Observation

One of the many responsibilities of security guards is to detect problems that might take place while they are on duty. They also have to report security hazards to the managers of the property or the company they are safeguarding. After a security training course, you will be prepared to take on these responsibilities.

You will be trained to use efficiently monitor crowds and understand body language. By honing your observation skills, you can prevent any activity that may harm the people in the perimeter.

2. Attention to Detail

Apart from your observation skills, your attention to detail will also be honed in a training course. You have to remember that your job requires being careful about detail and completing tasks thoroughly. For instance, when a vehicle is parked incorrectly or when too many people are treading down a sidewalk, you need to be able to identify the slightest details to alert the responsible party.

3. Alertness

Another important quality that you learn in a security training course is alertness. Part of your job is to always stay alert and aware of your surroundings. As much as possible, you have to keep away from distractions.

A security training course hones your ability to stay focused. It prepares you for real work settings where you have to handle an activity that could jeopardize the people you are safeguarding. In some unavoidable cases where you have to deal with violent individuals, you will know what to do.

4. Communication

A security training course equips you with the skills to communicate clearly and effectively (both verbally and in writing). Due to the sensitive nature of your work, you will have to use a two-way radio to communicate with the rest of the security team in a professional manner. You also might be required to answer phone calls during your shift.

As other guards would also be required to log in to their shift, you will be communicating with them before they can take over from you. Your communications skills will also be put to use when you have to write a report concerning an accident that may have happened during your shift, or when you interview witnesses and victims. With good communication skills, you can carry out these tasks efficiently and effectively.

5. Strength and Fitness

For some security jobs, it is an advantage to be physically fit. You cannot perform some aspects of your role confidently if you are not in good physical shape. You may have to stand or walk for long periods of time while on duty, so you have to be mentally alert as well.

A security course teaches you the importance of strength and fitness among security officers. Your strength will be put to the test when you have to physically remove a trespasser from the property you are safeguarding, or when you have to tackle a violent person to the ground until the authorities arrive.

6. Problem-Solving

You can expect to enhance your problem-solving skills in a security training course. Whenever you come across a problem on your shift, you have to collect information, analyse the situation, look for workable solutions, and apply them to solve the problem. Security training courses prepare you to handle unexpected problems that require immediate action.

By demonstrating that you can control and deal with any problem quickly and effectively, you can make an impression that you are competent for the position.

7. Critical Thinking

As a security officer, you are expected to prevent or deal with the threats concerning the property or company you are safeguarding. Logic and reasoning will come in handy when you have to handle difficult situations that may arise while you’re on duty. To make the right decision or take the best approach, you need to think critically. Security training courses prepare you in situations like this so you can be ready to identify the best course of action.

8. Organisation

You are also expected to have good planning and effective management skills. As part of the security team, your role requires you to make and plan projects in detail. You also have to finish your reports before the deadline.

With effective organisation skills, you are able to sift through your security reports and handle the necessary paperwork. This will help you work effectively with the rest of the security team and meet your goals.

9. Value and Respect for Life

Security officers always have to bear in mind that force should always be the last resort when it comes to protecting a property. A short course for security officers will teach you the value and respect for life. It will teach you that while an outer shell of seriousness helps you perform your role effectively, you also have to be understanding and patient at all times.

Companies do not want a hothead working security. This is something that you have to remember every time you are on duty.

Enrol in a Security Course and Be Part of a Professional Security Team

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