Occupational First Aid Course: What’s in it for Employees

Occupational First Aid Course For Employees

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Are you a business owner who wants your workplace to be free of fire hazards? We understand that your assets and, more importantly, your employees, are essential to you, and you only want what’s best for your company and the people working for you.

What Is an Occupational First Aid Course?

An occupational first aid course is essential to ensuring that your company has preventative safety measures. With the help of an occupational first aid course, your employees will acquire the skills and knowledge required to provide first aid in the case of complex workplace incidents/emergencies.

A safe workplace encourages higher productivity and prevents avoidable labour force losses and crucial hours. If you are considering enrolling your employees in an occupational first aid course, you have made the right choice.

Here are the things your employees can learn in an introductory occupational first aid course:

1. Responding to Emergencies

Responding to an emergency is one of the most essential lessons in a first aid course. Individuals must know how to react to the situation before using their first aid skills to bandage a cut, sling an arm, etc.

The participants of this course will learn how to react and to start assisting in certain circumstances, including how to approach the person in need, what to check for, and how to reduce the risk of harm.

2. Performing CPR

Everybody is familiar with the idea of CPR; however, do you know how to perform it correctly? Are you aware of the recommended interval between compressions? Or the recommended depth of the compressions? These are crucial aspects to consider when performing CPR on a patient in need and drastically alter the effectiveness of the life-saving procedure.

In a first aid course, your employees will learn how to perform CPR and how to use an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) for someone suffering from a cardiac arrest. If your employees practice using these life-saving techniques in a workplace setting, they will feel more confident when they need to use one in an emergency.

3. Wound Care

No matter how tiny or large, any wound needs to be adequately cared for. Each occupational first aid course will teach you how to bandage wounds properly, treat burns and bruises, and care for other face and chest wounds. Your employees can use these simple skills in life’s inevitable bumps and scrapes.

Accidents do happen, despite our best efforts to keep ourselves secure. When we stumble, fall, slip, or crash, we run the risk of suffering severe physical harm. Even if you happen to be a bystander when some of these injuries occur, you will have the initiative to intervene and assist —attending a first aid course will teach you exactly how to assist someone with a head, neck, spinal, bone, muscle, or joint injury.

4. First Aid for Choking

Choking can happen to anyone regardless of age. Whatever the situation, taking fast action is necessary. In an occupational first aid course, you will learn how to jump in and help those who require assistance to clear their airways. In your education on assisting patients with asthma and allergies, you will also learn to spot other respiratory emergencies!

5. Responding to Poisoning Incidents

Poisons are fatal and can be found in a variety of ways. Throughout the occupational first aid course, participants will learn what to do in the event of exposure to dangerous plants, carbon monoxide poisoning, stings, bites, and much more.

Until advanced medical support is offered, your employees need to know what to watch out for in a patient that has been poisoned, and how to provide them with the appropriate first aid care.

6. Using specialised medical equipment

Students enrolled in an occupational first aid course will learn how to use specialised medical first aid equipment, including learning how to maintain life in an unconscious casualty with the use of oxygen equipment.

7. Establishing and maintaining a workplace first aid room

Part of being properly prepared for workplace first aid emergencies is having a workplace first aid room. A first aid room is recommended for low-risk workplaces with 200 workers or more (e.g. schools), or high-risk workplaces with 100 workers or more (e.g. mine sites). The contents of the room should suit the hazards specific to that workplace, and the location and size of the room should allow easy access and movement of injured people. Students enrolled in an occupational first aid course will learn how to establish and maintain a workplace first aid room, ensuring all the appropriate items are located in the first aid room.

Is an Occupational First Aid Course Important?

If you are wondering if an occupational first aid course is necessary, the answer is definitely yes! It is proven that first aid saves lives, especially in the workplace. A fast reaction and proper CPR during critical and life-threatening accidents, injuries, or health complications in the workplace can help secure the health and safety of every employee.

Enrolling your employees in an occupational first aid training course will help them learn and be more conscious of workplace safety, reducing accidents and injuries.

When an accident occurs at work, employees may be able to prevent further injury to the victim. First aid training programmes at work encourage people to act more safely.

Before the arrival of additional help, such as an ambulance, a quick response to illness or injury can save lives and shorten the patient’s recovery period. When a patient recovers quickly, it will have less impact on their health, and they will be quick to return to work.

After enrolling in an occupational first aid course, your employees will have lifelong skills they can use in the workplace and wherever they go. A occupational first aid course will enable individuals to efficiently care for themselves, their family, friends, and the general public in an emergency.

In Summary

Investing in an occupational first aid course will ensure the health of your employees and will help save lives during an emergency. Your employees can learn many essential skills from a first aid course that they can use in the workplace, and anywhere they go. With an occupational first aid course, your employees will learn the following skills:

  • Responding to emergencies
  • Performing proper CPR
  • Performing initial wound care
  • First aid for choking and breathing
  • Responding to poisoning incidents
  • Using specialised medical equipment
  • Establishing and maintaining a workplace first aid room

Enrol in Our Occupational First Aid Course!

Here at the Australian Training Institute, we offer an occupational first aid course to help mitigate the risks of severe injuries and, worst, losing a life.

If you are a business owner, do not hesitate to enrol your employees in our occupational first aid course to prepare them for any emergencies in the workplace.

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