White Card Course: Preparations and What to Expect

white card course

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of the white card course if you’re looking to work in the construction industry here in Australia. Before beginning any construction project, you first must obtain a white card, which is as simple as completing a short, 1 day course.

To work in the construction sector in Australia, you must adhere to various regulations set forth by the relevant agencies. Therefore, if you are interested in construction jobs, there are numerous factors to consider in addition to the organisation you should apply to.

What is a White Card?

In Australia, every construction business sector requires workers to possess a white card. Your white card essentially confirms that you completed white card training and learned about your work health and safety obligations, workplace dangers, risk assessment, and appropriate incident response.

Although each state and territory in Australia issues its white card after completing a CPCWHS1001, they are nationally recognised. The card can be used anywhere in the country, regardless of where you completed your white card training.

Even those not involved in a construction project but working close to the site must have a white card. According to the National Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work, the following people require a white card:
– Construction workers
– Tradespeople
– Project managers
– Supervisors
– Surveyors
– Individuals who access working construction zones unaccompanied or unsupervised
– Workers who enter construction zones routinely

A White Card must be carried in person whenever you enter an operational construction site or work on a construction project within the site’s premises. The work card does not expire.

Overview of CPCWHS1001

The unit of competency CPCWHS1001 specifies the outcomes required to carry out work health and safety (WHS) requirements through safe work practices in all on- or off-site construction workplaces. It involves the conduct of safe work through awareness of risks and work requirements and the planning and implementation of safe work practices concerning personal safety.


Students must provide us with 3 documents as EOI (evidence of identity) as per the list provided prior to undertaking the White Card training.

What Should You Look Forward to in a White Card Course?

A white card course is crucial because it provides workers in the construction sector with general safety requirements, enabling them to recognise safety concerns and take preventative action when necessary.

When you enrol in a white card course at the Australian Training Institute, you can expect quality training from qualified and reputable trainers who help you prepare to work safely in the construction industry.

  • Current legislation and requirements for construction work
  • Identify potential hazards in a construction site and risk control measures
  • Learn incident and emergency responses
  • Understand health and safety communication and reporting process

Participants of white card training will know more of the key learning points through the assessors. The organisation facilitating the white card course will also prepare class activities to reinforce learning through demonstrations and different perspectives. When this is done, there will be an assessment at the end of the day.

It is strongly advised that each participant should have a thorough knowledge of the occupational and safety risks that can be present on a building site. You could run into many hazards and unexpected situations when you work in the construction sector—because of this, being aware of these dangers will help you respond to and manage a variety of life-or-death scenarios while reducing work-related injuries and fatalities.

Duration of a White Card Course

At the Australian Training Institute, our online/self-paced white card course takes six months to complete from enrolment. The typical duration of this course is between 3.5 to 5 hours.

Support for this online training is done via email with an assessor. You can start your online activity as soon as you complete the payment for the course. You will have access to all your learning resources and assessments via your online portal and can complete the course at your own pace. Hence, you have the opportunity to accelerate your learning and finish this course as quickly as you like.

Enrol in Our CPCWHS1001 White Card Course

If you are looking for an institute that offers white card courses, the Australian Training Institute is the perfect place. We provide white card training that teaches participants the skills needed to work on a construction site.

Attend our white card courses and experience excellent training in an efficient and enjoyable environment. You can easily enrol online!

If you wish to know more about our courses, do not hesitate to call us! You can reach us at 07 3269 5005, and one of our staff will be more than happy to answer your enquiries.