Transport Security Protection Course: A Quick Overview

Transport Security Protection Course

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Are you thinking of enrolling in a transport security protection course? The Certificate II in Transport Security Protection is a nationally accredited course that teaches the skills and knowledge needed in Australia’s border security.

The Certificate II in Transport Security Protection (AVI20118) is the minimum qualification required for screening and examination officers at Australian airports and maritime and cargo ports.

When you enrol in a transport security protection course, you will learn to identify and prevent potential risks in the airport (and other transport security settings, such as seaports) and transport security screening techniques. This course will provide the training necessary to become a qualified Transport Security Screening Officer.

With the transport security protection course, you will learn the competencies needed to be a Transport Security Screening Officer and how to perform screening functions for security-sensitive areas, perform physical searches, and identify and handle weapons, explosives, and prohibited items.


Students enrolling in the Certificate II in Transport Security Protection must have passed, or have applied for:

– Either a ASIC or MSIC Job Ready Certificate (Background Check); or
– When already employed, a ASIC or MSIC Card

Please click the following link as it contains important information regarding the ASIC/MSIC application, including identifying what type of card you require, information on issuing bodies, criteria for passing the check, reasons why an application may be refused and options if your application is refused.

Develop Your Abilities

One of the gains of enrolling in a transport security protection course is developing the abilities and attributes that will help you get succeed in the transport security industry. You will develop the following:

– Ability to work effectively as a team member
– Excellent communication skills
– Ability to work under pressure
– Analytical abilities
– Problem-solving abilities
– Ability to understand and adhere to rules and procedures

Learn New Skills

With the transport security protection course, you will learn new skills that will improve your work performance and help you land a job. Through a mix of theory and practical coursework, you will learn the following:

1. Conducting personal and frisk searches
2. Using different methods and equipment for security screening
3. Recognising and understanding how to handle dangerous goods
4. Conducting cargo and article searches
5. Working effectively in a security setting
6. How to calibrate and operate the following:

  • Hand-held metal detectors
  • Walk-through metal detectors
  • Explosive trace detection (ETD) systems
  • Body scanners

Completing this course grants you the following benefits:

  • The credentials required to work in transportation security protection
  • A nationally recognised Certificate II qualification
  • A solid path to further your studies and advance your career opportunities

Career Opportunities

What Are Career Pathways Available for Participants?

The transport security protection course enables participants with a variety of careers, including:

  • Air cargo examination officer
  • Maritime passenger and cargo examination officer
  • Security access point officer
  • Screening officers in domestic or international airports

Licensing and Regulatory Requirements

From June 16, 2021, all new screeners in the aviation and maritime sectors must have the Cert II TSP (Course code AVI20118). If a screener also works as an airport or maritime security guard, they must still meet all requirements for those roles.

Where Should You Enrol for a Transport Security Protection Course?

There are many Registered Training Organisations (RTO) in Australia, and you might be thinking about where to get your classes. It would be best to consider numerous factors before selecting the right RTO for your needs. Whether you want to learn the skills for yourself or train your employees in proper security screening, you must enrol in courses offered by a registered training provider.

If you are looking for the right registered training organisation to provide you with a transport security protection course that could help you improve and develop your skills, the Australian Training Institute is perfect for you.

Participants who complete the course will be awarded a certificate with the following units:

Core Units

  • AVIO0015 Undertaking physical search of cargo and articles
  • AVIO0009 Identifying and handling weapons, explosives and prohibited items
  • AVIG0001 Working effectively in a transport security environment
  • AVIO0007 Controlling access to and exit from a security-sensitive area
  • AVIO0008 Establishing and maintain a sterile sensitive area

Elective Units

  • AVIO0003 Applying electronic metal detection
  • AVIO0004 Conducting frisk search of persons
  • AVIO0005 Conducting screening using explosive trace detection
  • AVIO0006 Conducting vehicle search for access to security-sensitive areas
  • AVIO0010 Identifying powders, liquids, aerosols and gels (PLAGs)
  • AVIO0011 Managing disruptive behaviour and unlawful interference within a transport security environment
  • AVIO0012 Managing the flow of items for screening by X-ray screening equipment
  • AVIO0013 Operating body scanner
  • AVIO0014 Screening articles by interpreting X-ray images
  • AVIF0015 Applying awareness of dangerous goods and hazardous substances in the transport security environment
  • CPPSEC3121 Controlling persons using empty hand techniques
  • CPPSEC3128 Conducting security screening using walk-through metal detection equipment
  • CPPSEC3130 Conducting security screening using hand-held metal detectors

How Long Will It Take to Finish Transport Security Protection Course?

This course combines online and face-to-face instruction.

Please keep in mind that enrolment for this course closes two weeks before the classroom start date; this is to give students enough time to complete their pre-course online training and, for students who are not already employed, to pass either their ASIC or MSIC Job Ready Certificate (Background Check).

Course Preparation:

– Self-paced online training.

This involves reading through a student manual and completing assessments. The online training is a significant part of the course, with a substantial amount of material to read through and submit. We suggest you do not leave this until the last minute. Your online training must be completed prior to the face-to-face training.

– Face-to-Face Work:

For four days in the classroom, your trainer will go over the material, lead activities, case studies, and practicals, and you will take part in closed book exams.

Enrol in an AVI20118 – Certificate II in Transport Security Protection Course Today! 

Do you want your employees to be qualified and perform transport security screening procedures properly? Want them to learn the skills and knowledge needed to be a safety security screening officer? Enrol them in our AVI20118 – Certificate II in transport security protection course.

If you wish to know more about our courses here at the Australian Training Institute, do not hesitate to call us! You can reach us at 07 3269 5005 and one of our staff will be more than happy to answer your enquiries.