How Long Does a Course in Working at Heights Last?

It is important to remember that any time you stand, climb, or walk on a structure that is high enough to cause personal injury in the event of a fall, you are putting your life at risk. Working at heights is one of the most common causes of workplace fatalities. This is why the government mandates that workers attend working at heights safety training to decrease risks and improve height safety.

Regulations and training for working at heights are essential to prevent workplace accidents.

What Does the RIIWHS204E Course Entail?

The working at heights course in Brisbane equips participants with the ability to evaluate dangers. Students will understand how to choose the best fall protection gear and methods of reducing hazards. Our work safely at heights course also covers the following topics:

Evaluating the dangers of operating at a certain height

Appropriate attire and tools

Recognising various fall prevention methods

Gaining knowledge on how to handle workplace accidents

Making use of the hierarchy of control measures

With this working at heights course, participants will learn the skills and knowledge needed to work safely on construction sites above 2 metres from ground level using fall protection measures. To complete the practical assessment, participants will have access to a roof in a simulated environment, where they can apply the theory in a practical way.

This course will benefit students interested in employment in the resource, construction, or infrastructure sectors. Participants are recommended to complete this course every two years to remain current and up-to-date within the industry.

Who needs the Working at Heights Course in Brisbane?

At the Australian Training Institute, our height safety course aims to instruct participants on the best ways to reduce and manage the dangers connected to workplace falls. Anyone who must perform any work at heights with a threat of injury and a necessity to reduce that risk or use personal fall protection devices or equipment can enrol in this nationally certified course.

Course Duration

Pre-course work:

The pre-course work of the working at heights course starts with online/self-paced training, approximately 4-6 hours, depending on the individual student and their circumstances and other commitments. This training involves working through modules and completing an exam. Each student must complete the online training before the face-to-face training.

Face-to-face work:

The second part of the RIIWHS204E course involves two hours of face-to-face practical training with a trainer. Participants will have access to a roof in a simulated environment.

Benefits of Working at Heights Course

Reduces Workplace Accident

Workplace accidents can harm a business in a variety of ways. There are some situations in which an employer may be sued, and other cases in which working days may be lost as a result of negligence. This could significantly affect a company’s finances and long-term viability.

Safety is promoted among employees who have undergone working at heights course, and the risk of an accident in the workplace reduces. Training has proven to reduce incidents that result in injury.

Improves Employee Morale

Employees often perform better when they are content and confident in their tasks. Your organisation will gain from giving personnel the proper training they require. The staff will continue to put in much effort since they value your investment in their health and education.

Fosters a Culture of Health and Safety

You will notice that your work environment changes when health and safety are put first and your employees receive the proper training. Everyone adopts safe behaviours as second nature, and co-workers watch out for one another.

Needs Less Time to Reap Long-Term Advantages

With our work safely at heights course, you will learn about safety precautions to help you for the rest of your life. Our 2 hour practical is quite easy to fit around a working day.

Enrol in Our RIIWHS204E Course

Our working at heights training program includes important and essential information about working safely from a height and is suitable for those new to the field as well as those who need a refresher.

This course will help your team understand how to select, use, and maintain the right gear, why it’s the right gear, how to connect it properly, and how to arrest a fall successfully. Additionally, it discusses the importance of having a rescue plan and suitable equipment on hand in case of a fall.

Attend our courses and experience excellent training in an enjoyable environment. You can easily enrol online!

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