Business Courses in Brisbane You Need to Enrol in to Hone Your Skills

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Are you one of those business-minded people considering studying business but not quite sure if you can commit to a full degree? Not everyone in Brisbane has the time, budget, or flexibility to enrol in a full-time course for three years or more. Fortunately, there are short business courses in Brisbane that you can enrol in if you want to learn some extra skills without letting the study take over your life.

But what exactly do these courses have in store for you? You must be wondering if you can just learn on the job to get further in your career quickly. If you’re not sure which course is the ideal choice for you, read on.

Here, we’ll list business courses that you can enrol in to hone your skills and advance your career.

Certificate III in Business (BSB30120)

  • This business course introduces participants to business technology, customer relationships, customer service and work practices, word processing, and creating spreadsheets, among others.
  • Whether you are studying online from home or working in the business environment, the BSB30120 Certificate III in Business course encourages you to interact with practical activities.
  • Through this course, you will grasp a better knowledge of business and gain administrative skills that will form the basis of a successful career in the business sector.

This online course has been developed based on national criteria and business requirements, and it usually takes 12 months to finish. Throughout the course, participants will gain valuable insights into how customer service and business management interact in the real work setting. This online course is perfect for those who are just starting out in the business world.


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Certificate IV in Business (BSB40120)

  • This is an online course that is nationally recognised with the course code BSB40120.
  • It is designed to teach participants how to be an indispensable part of a business team.
  • With this course, participants will learn valuable skills that they can take into roles like administration officer and executive assistant and work in a number of exciting industries including advertising, education, finance, technology, and travel.

The average duration for a Certificate IV in Business is 12 months. Entry to this short business course does not require a previous business certification. Individuals who use well-developed administrative skills and a broad knowledge base in a wide variety of administrative contexts may enrol in this course.

Upon completing the Certificate IV in Business, participants are expected to provide solutions to a defined range of unpredictable problems.

Diploma of Business (BSB50120)

  • This nationally recognised high-level course hones managerial expertise for clerical and administrative personnel, making it an ideal choice for those ready to upgrade their abilities as a manager or executive.
  • This course equips with essential skills for superior professional performance across a range of administrative careers – senior executive assistant, personal assistant, administrator, and office manager, among others.

The Diploma in Business (BSB50120) is designed to provide participants with skills in budgeting, developing work priorities, and human resources. Anyone who holds a Diploma in Business can take on a role as office manager.

Why enrol in short business courses?

If you’re wondering how a short business course can help advance your career, then know that it can help catapult your career in many ways you might think. Here are some of them:

You learn what effective business communication is

All professionals in the business sector know just how important effective communication is. You’ve probably already been in a situation where you’ve had to make a presentation or write a report in a work setting and wondered if your audience was receiving your message loud and clear. With a business diploma, you will learn how important business communication is.

Self-paced allows for more flexibility

With self-paced training, you can move through the course as slowly, or as rapidly, as suits you. Having the information available for review also increases retention potential, as students can take their time with information and only move on once they fully understand – something that is not true of face-to-face courses.

We hope you now have a clear idea of which short business course to take. So, if you want to hone your skills, short business courses in Brisbane are available for you.

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The Australian Training Institute is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offering business courses to provide Australians with skills to advance their careers in many fields. Our Business courses are nationally accredited and handled by real experts. Over the years, we have worked with major corporations, private clients, business operators, and families, ensuring that every Australian earns the skills to help them achieve that dream job or position.

Our full scope of business courses includes:

BSB30120 Certificate III in Business
BSB40120 Certificate IV in Business
BSB50120 Diploma of Business

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