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White Card Courses Training Brisbane

The construction industry is arguably one of the most dangerous industries in the country and across the globe. One out of five work-related deaths happens on construction sites. That’s why it is necessary to be aware and informed of different workplace hazards. For many years, the Commonwealth, State, and Territory governments have been working to create a standardised training program. The goal is to create common Workplace Health and Safety guidelines for laws, regulations and Codes of Practice, to be consistent across all states and territories. This initiative has led to agreements and arrangements for the current White Card course.

With a White Card course, construction workers can appropriately respond to unprecedented situations in the construction site.  To obtain a White Card or a general induction card, you will need to complete the training with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that conducts the White Card training.

Australian Training Institute is one of the leading institutions in QLD, paving a way for cost-effective, reliable, range of training courses and teaching solutions. Our team consists of the finest teachers and assessors in the VET. Many people assume that a White Card course is only for labourers and tradespeople, but it is actually essential for anyone who plans on setting foot in a construction site. Read on and learn more about White Card courses in Brisbane.

What Is a White Card Course?

Ready to dip your toes in the construction industry? Are you planning to work as a tradesperson? One of the requirements to comply is a White Card. For you to obtain a White Card, you need to enroll in an occupational health and safety training course in an accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO). This course will educate individuals working (or about to work) in the construction industry about workplace and operational safety guidelines.

The White Card course in Brisbane may vary in content across different states, but it covers a unit of competency in CPCWHS1001– Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry” (formally CPCCWHS1001). The course topics include site safety practices, measures in keeping a safe environment, and actions to take in case accidents happen. Every training program is developed to meet the requirements stated by Mutual Recognition of the Construction Induction Cards by the National Health and Safety Laws. A White Card is then issued upon successful assessment. The White Card is nationally recognised. So, if you need to carry out construction jobs in other states and territories in Australia, you can automatically start working. Once you have completed the training, you will receive the evidence that you have completed the training and the white card. You must keep the evidence of completion as it may be required to replace your card in the future.

Do You Need a White Card?

As a mandatory requirement by the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission, everyone who works on a construction job site in the country must obtain a White Card. White Card training is required for individuals who are:

  • Doing construction projects, such as project managers, supervisors and surveyors, self-employed construction workers, labourers, apprentices, trainees and tradespersons;
  • Accessing construction zones unaccompanied by individuals with a White Card;
  • Visiting construction sites often;
  • Not active in performing any construction jobs for over two years; and
  • Conducting construction activities, like building, housing construction, demolition work, fit-outs, repairs, renovations, restoration, and refurbishments.

What to Expect in a White Card Course in Brisbane?

Every training service provider has different course contents, but RTOs need to follaow the standards and guidelines set by the Work Health and Safety Act. Whether you choose online training or face-to-face training, the primary goal of the program is to teach the necessary skills to lessen and eliminate workplace accidents.

The general contents of a White Card course in Brisbane will focus on the following:

  • Identification of common workplace hazards and risks;
  • Workplace hazard assessment;
  • Efficient risk management;
  • Reduction of work-related accidents and injuries; and
  • Quick response and reporting of health and safety incidents.

The course materials usually include videos and slideshows with simulation and practical instructions on workplace safety. At the end of the program, you will need to take an assessment test to measure your competency.

If you have completed the assessment with the Australian Training Institute, you will receive a white card on the day! This makes a convenient and seamless transaction.

How Long Is a White Card Course in Brisbane?

The duration of the course depends on several factors, but typically, it is four hours of training for face-to-face programs. These in-person programs provide hands-on instructions and in-depth information on occupational health and safety.

For in-person training, the duration can vary due to several factors, including the course content, practical activities, and the number of trainees per program. Generally, larger class sizes can result in a slightly longer program. This happens when trainees ask more questions or require additional information as the instructor had anticipated.

What Are the Requirements?

At the Australian Training Institute, you only need to pay $75 for face-to-face training. The enrolment fee is one of the requirements. You also need to be at least 14 years old and submit three documents as evidence of identity (EOI) before enrolling in the White Card training.

These are some of the EOI documents accepted:

  • Australian Birth Certificate – full (not an Extract or a Commemorative Certificate)
  • Bicentennial Birth Certificate (born in 1988)
  • Australian Citizenship Certificate/Naturalisation Certificate
  • Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) – Certificate of Evidence of Resident Status – Visa Evidence Card (with PLO56 Visa)
  • Queensland or Federal police officer photo identity card
  • Queensland High-Risk Work licence (photographic)
  • Australian Passport (including Australian Document of Identity)
  • Foreign Passport
  • Australian photo driver licence
  • Queensland Accreditation/Authorisation (laminated)

Online, In-Person: The Choice Is Yours!

Planning to join the skilled trade industry? Do not forget to complete your White Card training. It only takes a day to complete. Be construction-ready and equip yourself with the knowledge by enrolling in a white card course today!

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