5 Reasons Why White Card Course Training Is Important

5 Reasons Why White Card Course Training Is Important Brisbane

Working in the construction industry requires a lot of training. One of which is the White Card course training. This training must be procured by anyone who wants to work in the construction industry. After the training, individuals will get the proper white card certificate to carry out the necessary work.

Without it, skilled labourers will not be allowed to work on the construction site. But what makes it so important? Why is this training mandatory? What will workers learn after the White Card course? Well, a White Card training course is essential since it educates workers on the different safety requirements and guidelines while working on site.

The White Card course gives them a clear overview of the occupational and safety hazards they will face at work. More importantly, it teaches them awareness to respond and cope with different emergencies; lessening work-related injuries and casualties. Many aspiring construction workers have various reasons as to why they choose to enrol in a White Card course, some of which are listed below:

1. It opens better employment opportunities.

Most employers look for candidates with the best training and qualifications. That is why having a White Card certificate puts you at a better advantage. While some employers will hire candidates that don’t have these credentials and will enrol them before doing any construction work, it’s still vital to have one.

It not only improves your chances of employment, but it also makes you eligible for different kinds of jobs. The training also ensures that you know and understand all the standard and measures to be followed on site.

2. It develops your attitude with safety.

Every construction job has its own set of risks. Knowing the right thing to do when the risks present themselves is essential. In this line of work, nothing is more important than always keeping yourself safe. Being aware of the worksite’s do’s and dont’s allows you to be more careful while doing your job. It also enhances your skills in performing your tasks and lets you learn the importance of safety.

Once you’ve completed the training, you will have a mental checklist of the safety guidelines to follow, which will ensure that you and your colleagues remain safe at all times. It will also encourage you to report and act on workplace hazards before accidents happen.

3. It prepares you for your future working environment.

Are you leaving your corporate job to pursue a career in construction? If this is the case, then you need to be fully prepared, because you’re making a huge transition. Being in a construction site is relatively different than working in the office. In the construction site, there are days when unique situations happen – from working in new construction sites and dealing with unfamiliar locations to addressing various concerns.

With a White Card course, you get to experience simulations of a real working environment. Applying theories to practical knowledge helps you get a feel of how the job will be. It makes it relatively better for you to deal with the risks and dangers of the whole workplace environment. Other than that, it eases your mind with the pressure associated with starting a new job.

4. It helps you learn something new.

Whether you’re a veteran or new to the industry, enrolling in a white card course introduces you to new facts related to the construction industry. The more knowledge you’ll learn, the easier it will be for you. It means you’ll successfully perform your role.

While others think that a White Card course is essential for the newbies, it is also helpful for people who already have the certification but have been inactive for quite some time.

5. It lets you enjoy the convenience of working across the country.

If you’re planning to start a construction business and want to work with clients from different states and territories, getting the White Card accreditation is a must. It lets you do business across the country without going through the hassle of undergoing another safety training course. This means you can conveniently save more time and resources in every project wherever that may be.

White Card Course: Face-to-Face or Online?

Many registered training organisations (RTOs) offer White Card courses both for in-person and online training. However, you need to consider why face-to-face training is more helpful than its online counterpart. While online training programs are convenient, where you can learn at your own pace at your own time, there are many reasons why face-to-face training puts you in a better position, including:

Online training is highly discouraged across the country.

Most workplace and health regulatory bodies, such as ASQA and WorkSafe Australia do not recognise online training. It is also discouraged by different RTOs since it is banned in NSW and VIC.

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