What Does an Airport Screening Officer Do?

What Does an Airport Screening Officer Do

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Airport screening officers process thousands of passengers and their personal belongings daily. People are starting to feel secure stepping back into the airport as travel bubbles open and the vaccine has been widely distributed. Due to the loss of workers during the lockdown years, there will soon be a massive increase in airport jobs available.

Airport security and screening may be a fantastic alternative if you are considering a career move. If you are looking to become an airport screening officer, you will need to enrol and complete AVI20118 Certificate II in Transport Security Protection qualification, as all new screeners in the aviation and maritime sectors must hold this qualification from 16 June 2021. If a screener performs other duties, such as an airport or maritime security guard, they are still obligated to meet all requirements for those roles.

For more information, visit the Department of Home Affairs website.

Before enrolling in an airport screening officer course, however, it is vital to know the roles and responsibilities of the job.

Roles and Responsibilities

Screen Passengers and Other Persons

The primary duty of the airport security & screening officer is to welcome and inspect every visitor through the airport’s main entrance. An airport screening officer inspects and runs all screening machinery.

Passengers are greeted, guided, and informed by screening officers as they go through screening. They protect passengers, airline employees, and airport officials in the guarded parts of the airport and on their flights by offering prompt, comprehensive service with courtesy.

The ability to readily interact with both travelling companions and teammates is essential, as are communication skills.

Conduct Frisk Searches

Airport screening officers routinely perform manual physical checks, known as frisk searches. While these searches are understandably occasionally unsettling for passengers, officers conduct them with the utmost regard and integrity.

Every passenger is treated with respect throughout the security procedure as officers prepare them to enter the airport’s sterile area. Every passenger should feel safe knowing they are in the capable hands of trained individuals.

Enrolling in air cargo security awareness training will teach you more about the proper screening procedures while respecting passengers’ privacy.

Ensure the Safety of Each Passenger

The team of screening officers works together to support one another and provide travellers with streamlined solutions. They must be able to follow instructions, when necessary, perform well in a team environment, and communicate appropriately. Their attention to detail guarantees the highest level of safety for travellers in the boarding area and aboard the aircraft.

They will develop these skills in the AVI20118 course.

Course to Take

After reading some of the responsibilities of an airport screening officer, you might be wondering how you can perform well in the job. Taking up an aviation screening officer course can teach you the required skills to be an effective airport screening officer.

The AVI20118 course is appropriate for those looking to advance their careers through professional growth and acquire new information, skills, and abilities to secure a career path within their sector.

This course includes the units of competency required for transport security screening officers to perform duties, including air cargo inspection. A transport security screening officer must be an effective communicator to perform their aviation transport security protection duties.

Participants of screening security awareness training learn skills needed to perform their job duties, which include controlling access to security-sensitive areas, conducting physical searches, and identifying and handling weapons, explosives, and prohibited items.

Looking for air cargo security awareness training?

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What You Will Learn in an Air Cargo Security Course

– Communicating effectively
– Completely required aviation security documentation
– Ability to work in a team
– Identifying, understanding and following safe work procedures, such as how to handle firearms, explosives, and dangerous goods
– Carry out operational tasks by assignment guidelines
– Ability to perform cargo screening
– Establishing and maintaining sterile and security sensitive areas
– Restrict entry to and exit from a location that requires extra security
– Control obstructive behaviour and unauthorised intervention

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