What You’ll Learn in the AVI20118: Air Cargo Security Awareness Training

Air Cargo Security Awareness Training

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Security personnel must constantly be on guard due to the unknowable variable of who may or may not attempt to smuggle goods past an aviation security checkpoint. It takes specific training to detect oddities and recognise the many concealment methods used by such offenders.

A training course that allows your employees or soon-to-be employees to improve their security skills in air cargo security awareness is the AVI20118 – Certificate II in Transport Security Protection (Cargo). The AVI20118 program’s goal is to offer a Certificate II-level credential that is nationally recognised and teaches students the skills and knowledge necessary to serve as transport security screening officers.


Who Can Benefit from Airport Security Courses?


All individuals with access to clearly identifiable air freight or identifiable air mail can benefit from our AVI20118 course. You have a significant duty if you work for a certified organisation or are a third-party supplying services to an air freight chain. The AVI20118 Certificate II Transport Security Protection is also a requirement for all new screening personnel in the aviation industry.

This course involves real-world situations that people working in the industry will deal with.

Things You Will Learn in an Air Cargo Security Training

The units of competency needed for transport security screening officers to carry out tasks like air cargo inspection are included in this course.

Participants of air cargo security awareness training learn the skills and knowledge needed to perform their job duties. This includes controlling access to security-sensitive areas, conducting physical searches, identifying and handling weapons, explosives, and prohibited items, and undertaking physical searches of cargo and articles. To perform a variety of transport security protection responsibilities, the participants of the AVI20118 course will also improve their communication skills.

Learning Outcomes of AVI20118: Air Cargo Security Awareness Training

– Communicating effectively
– Completely required aviation security documentation
– Ability to work in a team
– Identifying, understanding and following safe work procedures, such as how to handle firearms, explosives, and dangerous goods
– Carry out operational tasks by assignment guidelines
– Ability to perform cargo screening
– Establishing and maintaining sterile and security sensitive areas
– Restrict entry to and exit from a location that requires extra security
– Control obstructive behaviour and unauthorised intervention


Students enrolling into the Certificate II in Transport Security Protection must have passed, or have applied for:

– Either a ASIC or MSIC Job Ready Certificate (Background Check); or
– When already employed, a ASIC or MSIC Card

To access security-restricted resources connected to ‘AVIG0001 to work effectively in a transport security environment’. Visit the course page for more information.

Aviation Screening Course Units

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be issued a qualification with the following units:

Core Units:
– AVIO0015 Undertaking physical search of cargo and articles
– AVIO0009 Identifying and handling weapons, explosives and prohibited items
– AVIG0001 Working effectively in a transport security environment
– AVIO0007 Controlling access to and exit from a security-sensitive area
– AVIO0008 Establishing and maintaining a sterile sensitive area

Elective Units:
– AVIO0005 Conducting screening using explosive trace detection
– AVIO0003 Applying electronic metal detection
– AVIO0014 Screening articles by interpreting X-ray images
– AVIF0015 Applying awareness of dangerous goods and hazardous substances in the transport security environment

Enrol in the AVI20118: Air Cargo Security Awareness Training Course?

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