A Career Guide: How to Become an Air Cargo Screening Officer

Air Cargo Screening Officer

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People are starting to feel secure stepping back onto the tarmac as travel bubbles open and the vaccine is widely distributed. Because of the loss of workers during the lockdown year, there has been a massive increase in airport job postings. If you are considering shifting into a career in aviation security, becoming an airport screening officer can be a fantastic start.

If you are wondering what training is required to become an airport screening officer, whether you need a license or certificate, or how to apply to become one, this article is for you.

To become an airport screening officer, you will need to enrol and complete AVI20118 Certificate II in Transport Security Protection. All new screeners in the aviation and maritime sectors must hold this qualification from 16 June 2021. If a screener performs other duties, such as an airport or maritime security guard, they are still obligated to meet all requirements for those roles.

Course to Take

Enrolling in an aviation screening officer course can teach you the abilities needed to work as a successful airport screening officer.

The air cargo security awareness training is suitable for those who want to gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities to work in the aviation security industry as a cargo screening officer.

The units of competency needed for transport security screening personnel to carry out their tasks, including air cargo inspection, are covered in this course. Transport security screening officers must be skilled communicators to carry out their responsibilities for protecting aviation security, and so students are also taught appropriate and effective communication methods.

In the aviation protection officer course, participants acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to carry out their air cargo work responsibilities, which include limiting access to security-sensitive areas, doing physical searches, and handling firearms, explosives, and forbidden objects.

Security Inspections in the Airport

To enrol in this course, you must undergo an ASIC job-ready background check. Since you need an ASIC card to operate at the airport, registering in air cargo security awareness training calls for a prepared background for the workplace. This procedure ensures that only trustworthy and reputable candidates for the aviation security profession are given access to this sensitive information.

Aviation Screening Course Units

Participants who complete this course will be issued a qualification consisting of the following units:

Core Units:
– AVIO0015 Undertake physical search of cargo and articles
– AVIO0009 Identify and handle weapons, explosives and prohibited items
– AVIG0001 Work effectively in a transport security environment
– AVIO0007 Control access to and exit from a security-sensitive area
– AVIO0008 Establish and maintain a sterile sensitive area

Elective Units:
– AVIO0005 Conduct screening using explosive trace detection
– AVIO0003 Apply electronic metal detection
– AVIO0014 Screen articles by interpreting X-ray images
– AVIF0015 Apply awareness of dangerous goods and hazardous substances in the transport security environment

What You Will Learn in an Aviation Screening Officer Course

Understanding current security risks and threats and managing them is essential whether you work for an airline, airport, or civil aviation security. If you want to be a competent aviation protection officer, there are many things you should consider and prioritise enrolling in an aviation protection officer course under the AVI20118.

Our security courses give students up-to-date knowledge of laws and tactics for dealing with current security issues.


Students enrolling in the Certificate II in Transport Security Protection must have passed or have applied for the:
– Either an ASIC or MSIC Job Ready Certificate (Background Check); or
– When already employed, an ASIC or MSIC Card


– Certificate II in Security Operations and have their security licence
– AVI20118 Certificate II in Transport Security Protection


Depending on the province they are applying in, applicants must generally be at least 18 years old to be considered.

Looking for Air Cargo Security Training?

Australian Training Institute is the perfect place for you if you are looking for a trusted training provider for security screening courses. We offer aviation screening courses that teach you the right skills that are needed as a screening officer.

Attend our courses and experience excellent training in an effective and enjoyable environment.

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